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  1. Kaganris says:
    DONYS MOKUALG - SUBSTITUTION PRODUCT - KATAPLASM Split CDr , KB (x) collage» New window: Glaukom Synod - Macabre remixes. , 66 KB (x) drawing Untitled. , KB (x) drawing» New window: DEAD UNDERGROUND. , KB (x) drawing» New window: DEVIANCE. , 40 KB (x).
  2. Fele says:
    The practice of cremation faded in Europe by the fifth century and during the Middle Ages, it was primarily used in the punishment of heretics or in response to the fear of contagious diseases. Today, cremation is preferred by more and more people around the world. The Flame Cremation Process.
  3. Fegami says:
    Exquisiteurn's Custom Gold Applique Cremation Urn - Adult Cremation Urn - Handcrafted Funeral Urn for Ashes - Metal Cremation Urn - Great Deal Free Bag (Fisherman) out of 5 stars 16 $ $ 00 ($/Count).
  4. Tudal says:
    Traditional cremation is the process of reducing a body at very high temperatures until it is nothing but brittle, calcified bones. These are then processed into what we commonly call ashes. Returned to the family in a temporary urn (or a more personal urn selected by the family), these ashes can be kept, buried, or scattered.
  5. Shaktiramar says:
    Cremation is now thought by many people across the world to be a practical method for environmental reasons. Many cities planners are now encouraging cremation simply because good land for traditional cemeteries is at a premium today as urban areas continue to sprawl well into formerly very rural areas.
  6. Akinolkis says:
    Jun 06,  · A cremation container holds the decedent during the cremation process. Once the cremation process is complete, a funeral director will work with a family to choose a container for long-term storage or for temporary storage before they are transferred to a mausoleum or scattered in a desired location. Urns come in all shapes, sizes and designs.
  7. Tugor says:
    The latest innovation in cremation is a process of alkaline hydrolysis, also referred to as resomation, green cremation, or bio-cremation. The process itself dates back to the late s but its use only became well known when the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota created a bio-cremation system for final disposition of its whole-body donors in
  8. JoJogul says:
    Cremation is the process of reducing a dead body to its natural elements by subjecting it to intense heat and vaporization. This incineration of the body takes place in a cremation chamber of a crematorium.. The cremains so obtained consist of skeletal remains and dried bone fragments that are further pulverized to get a fine powder of uniform consistency.

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