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  1. Vudotilar says:
    Natural gas, colorless highly flammable gaseous hydrocarbon consisting primarily of methane and ethane. It is a type of petroleum that commonly occurs in association with crude oil. It is widely used as a fuel and is especially important in the generation of electricity.
  2. Kanris says:
    Jun 01,  · Natural gas is processed for sale and consumption. Natural gas withdrawn from natural gas or crude oil wells is called wet natural gas because, along with methane, it usually contains NGL—ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes—and water vapor. Wellhead natural gas may also contain nonhydrocarbons such as sulfur, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide, most .
  3. Kataxe says:
    Natural gas is an abundant resource across the United States, and new discoveries and extraction methods have led to a dramatic rise in shale gas development -- making America the world’s leading natural gas producer. As part of a comprehensive all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department is committed to safe development of America.
  4. Dokazahn says:
    Jun 04,  · Natural gas price differentials to Henry Hub narrowed at most hubs in the first half of tags: Henry Hub spot prices More energy is used per person for transportation in states with low population density.
  5. Mikatilar says:
    Natural gas markets got absolutely hammered during the week, as we have done nothing but selloff. But there is still a significant amount of support underneath.
  6. Fektilar says:
    Analysis of natural gas prices and also developments in the natural gas sector. Shale gas and new fracking techniques are covered in detail.
  7. Mozragore says:
    9 rows · Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is both odorless and colorless in its purest form. The main .
  8. Vura says:
    Sep 03,  · Intermountain Gas Company is a natural gas distribution company serving approximately , residential, commercial and industrial customers in 75 communities in southern Idaho.
  9. Gardahn says:
    Natural Gas Vehicles for Consumers. Learn how Virginia Natural Gas can fuel your business fleet or personal vehicle with America's abundant supply of compressed natural gas (CNG). Fraud Protection. Whenever a field service representative or one of our contractors visits your home or business, they will provide Virginia Natural Gas identification.

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